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So yesterday Apple introduced the iPhone 4 at their annual developer’s conference, WWDC. Details of the phone have not beensecret, but Apple did have a few hidden gems.

  • The back case of the phone is made out of aluminosilicate glass, which is the same type of glass used in the windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains and is comparable in hardness to a Sapphire crystal. Based on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, sapphire is rated at a nine (9); bested only by the diamond at ten (10). This should be very resistant to scratches while providing both signal accessibility and an extreme sense of build quality. One of my major gripes of the 3G(s) iPhones were that they do not pass the creak test, they flex and scratch extremely easily.
  • FaceTime: no-setup video chatting while on WiFi. The concept is very simple, if two people have the iPhone 4, they can simply call each other’s cellphone number and press the FaceTime button to convert the call to a video chat. There is no setup required other than the fact that you have iPhone 4 on both ends. Until now, voice chat has yet to really catch on. Requiring a WiFi connection is an unfortunate side effect of slow network providers, however I am looking forward to testing it’s viability over 3G with the My3G application (available in Cydia, removes the WiFi restriction for applications).
  • Three-axis gyroscope. This is great news for iPhone gamers. Sony’s PS3 console has similar technology in their Sixaxis controllers, providing six-axis motion sensing . I’ve used it in a few games and it is pretty cool; very Wii-like. As Apple states on their website:

    When paired with the accelerometer, it makes iPhone 4 capable of advanced motion sensing such as user acceleration, angular velocity, and rotation rate. Translation: More motion gestures and greater precision for an even better gaming experience.

  • The addition of a second microphone on the top of the phone for noise cancelation is a welcome one. The Nexus One from Google features the same configuration and it does help out a ton.
  • HD Video Recording and iMovie for iPhone. I can’t say I expected this one. Being able to shoot, edit, and publish 720p HD video directly from your phone is a really compelling feature for a device that you carry with you virtually everywhere.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the offering Apple unleash on June 24th (you can pre-order on June 15th, and I suggest that you do if you are interested in picking one up). I think that the new additions in hardware and the new features in iOS 4 further push Apple ahead of the competition.

Note: This is a repost from my personal blog.

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