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It’s green, … December 24th, 2010

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you can potentially hide it in a Christmas tree and everybody who knows the truth believes it to be a fake.

I am not talking about the Christmas pickle. Even though it does fit the description pretty well. No, I am writing about an update!
It may or may not be overdue. It is in any case and regardless of whether you choose it to be late or not, great news.
Our little elves in Santa’s workshop have been put to labor over the past few months and let me tell you they sweat more than salty water in the process. So, what have they slaved over this long? Well, long bloody (there I said it) story short: an update for Linkinus.

I guess what you really want to know about (fact aside that there is an update) is what this update will bring to you on its sleigh:

  • Greatly improved overall performance and CPU usage:
    Greatly is an understatement at its best. Speed and responsiveness have increased by several orders of magnitude!
  • Multi-line input field:
    Requested long ago, finally implemented. Note this only works if you have enough vertical space beneath the application window.
  • Channel listing up to 20 times more responsive
  • Better support for /who and /names
  • Revamped IRC identities – set them up the Preferences:
    One place to set them all, one place to find them, one place to bring them all and in the preferences bind them
  • Updated Styles:
    This includes new embed features for e.g. Whisper ( and cloudapp). Also the evergreen Simplified is going through rejuvenation!
  • Improved support for systemwide SOCKS proxy
  • Added UPnP support for file transfers
  • Fixed issues with PCRE regular expression supports in Highlights:
    You can now fully enjoy being highlighted all across IRC because your malformed regular expression finally works as expected!
  • Fixed an issue where Filters wouldn’t stick across sessions, not to mention that we decided to take pity on the poor souls who wanted to add new filters and henceforth provide an appropriate button for precisely this
  • Fixed IRC Quit messages
  • Fixed an issue where the main window would be blank on first launch
  • Added shortcut to clear all queries
  • Improved contextual menus relevance
  • Added an option to hide the ‘Groups’ button in the title bar
  • Improved SSL support
  • Faster processing of bouncers backscroll
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from removing certain channels or queries (‘phantom channels’)
  • Improved ‘/msg nick’ with no content
  • Allowed the main window to resize to a smaller size
  • Greatly improved DCC support
  • Now up to 1000 (that’s a thousand for those that can’t read Arabic numbers) lines of backlog per channel
  • Updated SysInfo plugin
  • MOAR, specifically, more options for queries and channels, including Growl/sound muting
    Please note that “rejoin on kick” and “automatically join on connect” have been moved from their global settings to the respective channel inspectors
  • /mark … mark my words (slow clap) here comes a command you can use to add a marker to the current channel
  • /delay (a new plugin) that enables you to delay execution of commands e.g. when chaining them in the alias section

Changed on the 27th of December and later

  • ‘Join on kick’ is now disabled on new channels by default
  • Fixed minor log viewer issues
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Linkinus 2 Logs’ folder would be created even when logging was off

The beta is public (learn how to participate here) and we’ll make our way to release status based on the feedback and any bugs we may yet find.

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