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Moreover, immediate family members who are co-owners of the property can also contribute to the debt repayment using their CPF ordinary account.

A HDB loan is perhaps more relevant if you are risk averse but if one learns how to refinance, a bank loan could ultimately be cheaper.

While many of us may need to think twice about buying a property as it is a heavy financial commitment, we can look at how to use the savings we have in CPF for smaller investments using the CPF-investment scheme(CPFIS).

Our CPF allows us to use part of the funds for investible asset classes such as shares, investment-linked products, exchange-traded funds, bonds and gold products.

However, you need to first fulfill the requirement of having more than $20,000 in your Ordinary Account and/or more than $40,000 in your Special Account. Do note that the first $60,000 in your combined CPF accounts earns an extra 1 percent interest, making it a rather attractive savings scheme.

Before you invest, think through the following factors to decide if you should either use your spare cash, your cpf savings or take out a loan for investment.

Transaction charges are often one part of the costs that investors neglect. These charges may seem small but when accumulated can eat into your profit margin. Most investors are also not sure about how one should calculate the stock limit of the CPF-OA. The problem with this system is that your profits are taken as a part of your CPF-OA and not added on top of the initial 35 percent stock limit of your account. This greatly reduces the available singapore investment funds for you to trade if you have made profits on your previous investments.

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